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Sunday, April 26, 2015

19th Century Words of Merit

The Methodist Church, in one form or another, was in the area of present day Oklahoma from an early date.  The first works with the Native Americans in eastern Oklahoma. Schools and churches were built and they provide some of the oldest efforts in state history

"And now, brethern and sisters, co-workers together with me in Christ...Think much, say little, work mightly.  Spend no time in controversy when souls are perishing. Preach salvation, warm, fresh, vigorous and full of love. Live in constant favor with God....let your library consist largely of the Bible, the Dictionary, the Discipline, the Catechism, and the Hymnal book.   Abolish such nonsensical and unscriptural hymns as"We're Going To Heaven Tomorrow", and substitute soul-stirring music, filled with the Bible religion and sense. Think of inviting a sinner to give his heart to Jesus to-morrow, or of being saved to-morrow. No, let us drift back into hymns filled with the Holy Spirit and God will honor us."

---Rev. James Murray, First Session of the Indian Mission Conference, Tulsa, Creek Nation, March 21, 1889 as recorded in H.E. Brill's Story of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Oklahoma : Authorized by the Oklahoma Annual Conference, October 22, 1938. (Oklahoma City: The University Press, 1939. pg. 27.).

This may be the song referred to: We're Going Home Tomorrow 

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