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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Church Commorative Plates: Wesley UMC (OKC)

First in a series.

As benchmarks in a church's life were achieved there were celebrations and plates were created to mark the anniversary of the birth of the local church in communities across the country.  These are sometimes found in antique stores as well as church files or display cabinets.  They are a unique and fragile piece of church history often expressing notes of history, showing images of long gone buildings, and naming names of leaders long forgotten. Sometimes there merely show an image important to the congregation ( a beloved leader, a church building, a feature of the building, or something reflective of local character and heritage).  Their construction can range from sturdy stoneware to the most fragile and delicate of finer china.
These images are from Wesley United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City. The church began life in 1910 as Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1928 they constructed a classic English Gothic sanctuary with stained glass windows at the corner of NW Classen Blvd. and NW 25th.
50th Anniversary Plate, 1960

100th Anniversary Plate, 2010

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