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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Anadarko Methodist Church

This image is courtesy of the Anadarko Heritage Museum and used by permission.
"Flood in Anadarko in 1902. South side of Anadarko. The church is the First Methodist and parsonage."
In 1887, Rev. J.J. Methvin of the Methodist Church South established a mission school in 1890 and later a church in Anadarko.  According to Oklahoma Methodism in the Twentieth Century by Clegg and Oden, Methvin closed his work in Indian Territory with the "Five Civilized Tribes" and moved into west inhabited with various plains tribes often labeled at the time "the wild tribes."  Leaving his work at the Seminole Female Academy he made his headquarters at Anadarko and began to work in the community. Two years later he had 15 students and they were largely supported by various Woman's Home Missionary Society work (pg. 34). A more detailed account of his ministry is found in the history by Oklahoma Methodist history book by Babcock and Bryce and articles by Methvin in The Chronicles of Oklahoma.

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