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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Holdenville (OK) Methodist Church Pastors

The first Methodist work in the area of Holdenville, Hughes Co., Oklahoma is thought to have begun in 1896.  That is when it is thought the first church was organized in that community. 
According to Turner’s History of the Methodist Church in Holdenville, 1897-1952, the first church organized in Holdenville was the Methodist Episcopal (1896-1910).  A retrospective article in the Holdenville Times of Jan.23,1903 indicated that in March of 1896 they first met in the Choctaw Depot (Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad)  in service with a Rev. King or Fling.  They were formally organized in the same place a year later with a Rev. Woodson. Charter members were listed as the family (wife and daughter) of J. Smith, Mrs. Joe Northrup, Mrs. Frank Lowe, and Mrs. D. Lowe.
A wooden frame building on East 8th Street was dedicated in February of 1897.  In 1913 the building was sold to the Episcopal Church (see photos here) as the Methodist Episcopal Church withdrew its work in Holdenville. The 'northern' church did so with sadness as they had desire to do so much work in the state but were hindered by lack of resources.  The so-called Methodist Episcopal North would come back into the area in 1921.
In 1923, however, the two Methodist groups proactively decided to unite with some joining the other Methodist church and some deciding to go elsewhere. This merger reflected the  groundswell desires among many Oklahoma Methodists that there should be just one church. It was a feeling not to be reflected in denominational structures until 1939 when the three largest Methodist groups in America were the Methodist Episcopal (M.E.), the Methodist Episcopal, South (M.E.,S) and the Protestant (M.P.) united to form the new Methodist Episcopal Church (M.E.C.).
Names Found for the Methodist Episcopal Church:
Founded: March 1896
1896 - Rev. King or Fling
1896 -Rev. Woodson
1897 (ca.)- Rev. Weems
1921 - J.A. Lanning
? - R.A. Bingham
Names Found for the Methodist Episcopal Church, South:
Founded: Spring 1897
1897 - A.S.J. Haygood [Charter members are believed to be: James L. Adair, L.B. Henderson and family, Mrs. Robert (Ida Barnard) McFarlin, Mrs. W.J. Red, Mrs. Thomas E. (Laura Larue) Neal, and Mrs. C.W. Polk]
1898-S.M. Bryce
1899- T.O. Shanks
1901- A.C. Pickens
1902 - J.H. Granville or Glanville
1903 - J.I. Bray [In 1903 Trustees rec'd patent for parts of lots 1-6 in Block 44 to build a church. The paperwork was filed in Muskogee, I.T. according to Turner's work. Names included James L. Adair, James B. Lusk, Harry D. Holman, Samuel Checote, and Motie (sic) Tiger]
1904- Robert Hodgson
1905 -C.F. Mitchell
1906 - E.L. Massey
1907 - T.I. Mellon
1908- C.S. Walker
1911- R.K. Triplett
1913 - E.T. Campbell
1914-Luther Roberts
1915- Luther Roberts
1915-L.B. Ellis
1916-D.H. Aston
1919-1921 - Sidney H. Babcock
1922 -J.E. McConnell
1923- J.C. Curry
1926 -W.S. Vanderpool
1928 - Hugh Kelso
1930- T.R. Morehead
1931-1934 - Sidney Babcock
1936-1939 - John D. Salter
1940-1943- John A. Callan
1944- C.L. Crippin
1945-1947 - H.H. Cody
1948- 1950- W.L. Blackburn
1951- 1954- J.C. Harris
1955 -N. Grady Ross










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