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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


All of the glass windows of Wesley UMC in Oklahoma City feature scenes from the life of Christ rather than more traditional scenes from throughout the Bible.  The exception is one small window along the south cloister.
The window, added in 1928, is called "The Tie Around the World" and was dedicated "For God, Home, and Every Land." by the Women's Christian Temperance Union, of which many members called Wesley home. 
A more correct title would be the "White Ribbon Around the World" as the white ribbon was the symbol of the WCTU. It symbolized  a pledge that members of the WCTU made to pray for members around the world each day at noon. In this way they kept their concerns always before God. The WCTU was specifically concerned about the devastation resulting from alcohol abuse in homes and society. They campaigned to educate youth, change laws, and influence their society. Their zeal stemmed from a strong conviction that the promotion of temperance was a part of their response to the Great Commission.

Is this the only window its kind?  Attempts to locate and identify similar memorial windows has been unsuccessful so far.

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