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Monday, May 11, 2015

Memorials in Light and Color

This begins a series  (hopefully) of lists of the individuals memorialized in stained glass in Oklahoma churches, with a special emphasis on Methodist windows.

This first installment will highlight the windows of Wesley United Memorial UMC in Oklahoma City. The church was established in 1910 and in 1928 they dedicated a new sanctuary done in the English Gothic collegiate style with numerous stained glass windows, many of which were memorials to specific people or groups. The glass was provided by the Kansas City Glass Company.

Narthex (1)
In this area, there are various donations and gifts such as plaques, furnishings, and decorations.
Cloister, North (3)
(West) “The Nativity” – Mrs. William E. Rowland
(Center) “The Boy Christ”- Mr. & Mrs. J. Edgar Strader
(East) “Christ at the Door”- Mrs. Clara Bell & Family
North Transept (3)
“The Transfiguration” (1928)-Mr. & Mrs. Hillard John Scott
(West) “The Last Supper” –Mr. & Mrs. L.R. Springer
(Center) “Jesus and His Mother”- Ladies’ Bible Class
(East) “The First Disciple” 
Chancel - West or Choir (4)
“The Beckoning Christ” (Come Unto Me) (1928) - Mr. Overstreet, father of Mrs. Campbell Russell
South Transept (5)
“The Good Shepherd” (1928)- Mrs. Jessie B. Fleming and Mrs. Virginia C. Shike
“Rich Young Man”- T.Harold and Captain W.E. Corkhill
“Gethsemane”- Mrs. D.G. Murray & Family
“Best Friend” – Mrs. Laura S. Day and Miss Olga Stokesberry
“Empty Tomb”- Mr. & Mrs. O.H. Putney

Cloister, South (or Ambulatory) (6)
(East) “Holy Women of the Tomb”- Mrs. N.A. Whittaker and Family
(Center) “World Encircled” – WCTU (Women’s Christian Temperance Union)
(West) “The Ascension”- Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson and Miss Minnie Suitor
East Window (7)
“Jesus Blessing the Little Children” (1928)- Mrs. Florida Knight.

Triangular Plot (East) – Fronting east entry area between Douglas and Classen Blvd. Land donated by noted early Oklahoma City founding leader, Anton Classen (before 1928).  Mrs. Classen later donated landscaping and other improvements.


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  1. Oh, I need to get over to Trinity UMC here in Muskogee and take photos of their windows! They have a Francis Willard window.